Serving on the Board of Directors

Express your voice as a member of the Unitus Board of Directors.

About Serving on the Board

Serving on the Unitus Board of Directors is a deeply fulfilling experience. The Board guides Unitus’ strategic planning to ensure our credit union continues to inspire hope through our members’ life defining moments.

As a part of our philosophy of “People Helping People,” Unitus is committed to improving the lives of those who live and work in the communities we serve. Our Directors are the tip of the spear in developing our mission to make life better for those in our communities.

Directors are called on to share their diverse perspectives, business experience, and leadership skills in a collaborative effort alongside the Board Chair and President/CEO. Unitus Directors believe that this diversity of opinions, histories, and experiences helps us make decisions that better reflect the communities we serve. In caring for our increasingly diverse membership, we can help to improve the everyday living experience of those most often overlooked. Research shows that this commitment to equity and inclusion results in better member service, more innovation, and an enriched member and employee experience. It makes our credit union stronger and more sustainable, fortifying the strength of our broader cooperative movement.

Our members are considered equal owners of our credit union and are empowered to make their voices heard by electing other members to serve on the Board of Directors. Our Directors will be champions of Unitus and stewards of their communities, engaging leaders throughout the community to further our movement. In doing so, each Director will develop and grow as a leader, cultivate new skills, and expand their network of professional peers and community leaders.

Finally, the Board ensures that our credit union meets members’ needs in a manner that is safe, sound, and complies with the State Credit Union Act, the credit union’s bylaws, and federal regulations.

Who Is Eligible?

Those running for a vacant Board position must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A primary member of Unitus1
  • In good standing with the credit union

Credit unions were established to help their communities. We fill a gap in providing services and doing things banks don’t do. The motivating factor for credit unions isn’t profit. Ours is how to give back to the community, to our members, and how we best serve them.

Frank Chinn,  Board Member and Former Board Chair

What Skills Are Required?

Given the Unitus Board’s strategic focus, the ideal candidates:

  • Think strategically
  • Have previous experience in board governance
  • Understand financial statements
  • Bring insight and commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Have general management experience
  • Are good communicators
  • Work well with others

Unitus is seeking Board candidates who strive for personal growth, as well as making a difference in our community.

How long would I serve, and what is my commitment?

Each Director gets elected to a three-year term and may apply to the Board Nominating Committee to be re-nominated if they so choose. Board members are subject to Term Limits of four consecutive three-year terms.

We estimate a general time commitment of approximately 10-12 hours per month. The Unitus Board of Directors generally holds ten monthly Board meetings, an annual spring and fall planning session, and an annual membership meeting. Most monthly Board meetings are held in the late afternoon, and there are two full-day sessions each year allotted for planning events.

What are the benefits of being a board member?

As a compensated Director on our Board, you’ll be able to contribute to the overall success of Unitus by contributing your diverse perspectives, as well as your leadership and business management skills to help make life better in our communities.

Through training and various other learning opportunities, you’ll gain valuable insight and experience around best practices in board governance and operation of a financial institution. You will sharpen your understanding of strategic planning in the credit union industry and will develop a greater sense for how you as an individual, and as a member of Unitus, can more effectively improve life for those who live and work in our communities.

Because education is so important to our Directors, ongoing education is provided through periodic learning sessions to further your knowledge on the credit union philosophy, guidelines, regulations, and much more.

Interested in a Board position?

We need members like you to serve on the Unitus Board of Directors! Join our proud history of members utilizing their time and diverse perspectives to move our credit union forward.

The annual application process has now concluded. We will begin accepting applications for the 2025 nominations process on or around October 1, 2024.

Board Nominating Committee Members: Sam Banerjee, Committee Chair/Director; Denetta Monk, Director; Tiffini Mueller, Director; and Sue Iggulden, Director Emeritus.

Unitus is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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