Descriptive Video Transcript: There is More That Unitus Us

Audio: [Upbeat music plays] [Male voice] This is our home… where our humanity connects us.

Visual: Father and son taking funny selfies together in front of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon.

Audio: Honoring our differences, celebrating our diversity.

Visual: Unitus employee holding branch door open for the father who is a member. Slight back-and-forth as who should go inside first. Both men are insisting. Rude woman storms past them both into the branch. Both look at each other and laugh.

Audio: And we believe what connects us – unites us.

Visual: Both men chatting at the teller window.

Audio: When we need one another, we're there to pitch in...or just listen.

Visual: Unitus employees volunteering at local food bank. Scene changes to both men waving to each other in a park at their kids' soccer game.

Audio: We believe we lift ourselves by lifting others.

Visual: The member's child makes a soccer move with the ball causing the employee's child to fall to the ground. The member's child extends his hand and helps up the employee's child. Both kids are smiling.

Audio: And that there is more that unites us.

Visual: Member paying for smoothies using his Unitus debit card. Father and son take the smoothies outside to the Unitus employee and his daughter.

Audio: You. Us. Unitus.

Visual: Everyone is seated, sipping their drinks, and enjoy each others company.

Visual: [Fade to white] Unitus Community Credit Union logo. [Text on screen] You. Us. Unitus. List of services: Free Checking, Better Rates, Local Service. Visit: unitus c-c-u dot com. Insured by N-C-U-A

Audio: [Music fades out]

Visual: [Fade to black]

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