Descriptive Video Transcript: Employee Spotlight: Lisseth Lorelli-Qualls - Residential Equity Loan Underwriter

Audio: [Upbeat music plays]

Visual: [Text on screen] Lisseth Lorelli-Qualls, Departamento de Préstamos - Unitus Community Credit Union. Photo of Lisseth standing at here desk.

Visual: [Text on screen] Tell me about your career development path at Unitus. How are you valued and encouraged to grow professionally and personally?

Visual: Lisseth sitting in the "living room" of Unitus' Gresham branch for duration of interview.

Audio: My career at Unitus has been for 9 years. I began as a Consumer Loan Processor. I then moved to be a Residential Equity Loan Processor, and now in my current post, I am a Residential Equity Loan Underwriter. Unitus has always been a pillar and has helped me realize my dreams, whether it's in my professional or personal life. It has always been a pillar.

Visual: [Text on screen] Describe the culture at Unitus. How do the values at Unitus align with your own?

Audio: The culture at Unitus is a professional culture full of respect. Our objective is to provide the best service possible, financially and economically, and that goes hand-in-hand with my work. I am always dedicated to giving one-hundred percent to my clients, my members, and my personal life. I always try to give one-hundred percent. Unitus also does, they are dedicated to giving us the best financial support and now I am really happy to see Unitus in our Latino Community. What a great way to be a part of that new support.

Visual: [Text on screen] What does the commitment to the Hispanic Community mean to you from the perspective of a first generation Latina woman?

Audio: It's something that is very close to my heart. It's very important to me that we are providing these services to the Latino Community, and especially in Spanish. I feel very proud to be a part of this and that Unitus is helping my community and that it's looking out for their well being financially, through loans, and other programs that help our Latino Community reach the American Dream. The reason why we came here, and nothing better than being able to do it in our own language. One of things I love is that Unitus is speaking to the heart of our Latino Community.

Visual: [Fade to black.] Unitus Community Credit Union logo. Text: You Us Unitus

Audio: [Upbeat music fades out.

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