Descriptive Video Transcript: Discover Some of Our Employee's Favorite Unitus Shared Values

Audio: [Upbeat music plays]

Visual: Two Unitus employees discussing ideas on a whiteboard together.

Audio: Shared values are really an opportunity to share stories.

Visual: Text on screen - Greg Spear, SVP, Chief Financial Officer. Greg is sitting in the boardroom of Unitus' corporate office.

Audio: When we sit down we talk about, “work well together and “walk with the member”, “create the future”, or “commitment to excellence. I'm seeing that everyday and it’s a lot of fun for the employees.

Visual: Various scenes - Unitus employee talking with member in a branch. Large meeting scene of employees celebrating successful project. Two employees talking in office setting.

Audio: I really like “walking with the member”. They're not just customers walking through our door.

Visual: Text on screen - Nathan Adams, Member Advocate, Salem Branch. Nathan is sitting in the "living room" of Unitus' North Williams branch.

Audio: I really just like interacting with the people, every time I come in I end up staying longer than I'm supposed to because I end up getting into like a interesting conversation with someone, and I don't feel rushed.

Visual: Unitus member walking into Unitus' North William branch, smiling, waving, and interacting with branch staff.

Audio: And so we really try and find out, what do they like? What do they not like? How can we make their experience different from the last person that came in? Because everybody has different expectations.

Visual: Various scenes - Nathan is sitting in the "living room" of Unitus' North Williams branch. Drone shot of exterior view of N. Williams branch. Smiling member.

Audio: [Upbeat music fades out] [Fade to black.]

Visual: Unitus Community Credit Union logo. Text: You Us Unitus

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