Descriptive Video Transcript: Building a Dream Home with Michelle Hollenbeck, Unitus Mortgage

Audio: [Light jazz music plays]

Visual: [Text on screen] Building a Dream Home With Michelle Hollenbeck - Unitus Mortgage. What does having a home mean to you?

Visual: Michelle sitting at a table with all types of LEGO® pieces laying around. She's starting to piece together a house.

Audio: A home is a place where you can make memories. A home is a place that you can relax. Home is a place that you can create your future.

Visual: [Text on screen] When do you know you've found your 'dream home'?

Visual: Michelle continuing to build her dream home. [Video speeds up to show her progress.]

Audio: Well everyone talks about 'the feeling' and I can't say that I've ever gotten 'the feeling', but with members that I've talked to, they talk about the feeling. They walk in and they just get this feeling and I think you've got to go with the gut sometimes on things, so I probably could say that maybe.

Visual: Michelle building a window.

Audio: But I do have a window. You gotta have a window. Oh, I might call that a french door! That's called home improvement. [Laughter]

Visual: [Text on screen] What's your favorite local neighborhood?

Visual: Michelle continues to build her dream home.

Audio: Anything that has food carts, anything that has food. I don't know that I have neighborhoods that are specific. I always like to find out where there's good places that are new that have opened up that I can enjoy with my friends or just explore new things that I've not tried before. But I just love that Portland is the mecca of just any and all things food, so I don't know that I have one particular neighborhood, I think everyone's got some good food, you just gotta know where to look.

Visual: Michelle leans over to examine the bicycle she has built.

Audio: There, and then we've got a bike. A little fun, a little play. Alright!

Visual: [Text on screen] What's the most important step in the mortgage process?

Visual: Close up on Michelle's dream home.

Audio: I think to ask questions. I think to come in with an open mind of what it is you're possibly looking for. I really enjoy people coming in and having some things that maybe they've read about or heard about and talking about it so just that it resonates with them and what it means for them financially, but also just to be affordable for what they're looking for.

Visual: Michelle continues to build her dream home.

Audio: But really I think it goes back to just being realistic and also just knowing that there are programs out there for you. You just have to be willing to know about them, be educated about them, and prepare yourself to find what you're looking for.

Visual: She leans in to examine the roof she has built.

Audio: That's kind of a fun roof, alright.

Visual: [Text on screen] Why Unitus Mortgage?

Visual: Michelle pauses here LEGO building.

Audio: We are a team of people who have a lot of knowledge. We care about our members. It's just not another number with us, it's really about making sense financially, putting you into a loan that's going to meet your needs, but I think also just that we keep it local. That we're here and can offer the best programs and that you can visit us and talk with us about it at any point, look at refinance options or also possibly looking at other opportunities for purchasing down the way, expanding, buying additional properties or even maybe helping your family with their first time homes.

Visual: Michelle gives her dream home one final look over.

Audio: Okay, well I think that's probably about as good as it's gonna get. [Laughter]

Visual: [Text on screen] Let's tour Michelle's dream home!

Visual: [Close up of Michelle's dream house] Michelle points to key features of her house.

Audio: So my house has both animals. It's got some flowers because I do like to have flowers at my house, and then you gotta have a little fun, so I have a little motorcycle here which could also be maybe a four-wheeler, I don't know. Your house has to have a door so I've got some nice french doors here, and some nice green grass because it's nice to have some green grass.

Visual: Michelle points out other key features of her house while holding a small LEGO spatula piece.

Audio: I really didn't know where to put the spatula. I was trying to come up with a spatula place but I couldn't find a good place for the spatula.

Visual: Michelle looks directly at the camera.

Audio: I just built my dream home. Let me help you find yours. My name is Michelle Hollenbeck and I'm here to guide you home.

Visual: Unitus Mortgage logo [Fade to black]

Audio: [Light jazz music fades out]

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