Unitus Switch Kit

Ready to move over to Unitus? We’ll help make the transition as seamless as possible. Follow the instructions below, and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Using the instructions and forms provided below, you can easily move your checking account, automatic deposits and other payments from another institution. It boils down to three easy steps:

Step 1

Become a Member of Unitus and Open a Checking Account.

Step 2

Make an Opening Deposit to Your New Account.

Step 3

Close Your Previous Checking Account and Transfer Your Balance, Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments.

Step 1: Become a Member of Unitus and Open a Checking Account

If you’re not yet a Unitus member, join online and open a checking account.

If you’re already a member, open a checking account online. Simply log in to uOnline to open additional accounts by clicking the “Login to uOnline” button, located in the top right hand corner of this page.

Step 2: Make an Opening Deposit or Transfer to Your New Account

Complete the relevant sections in the online membership or checking account application.
You can transfer the funds from another Unitus account or financial institution, fund your account with a credit card or mail us a check to fund your account.

Step 3: Close Your Previous Account and Transfer Balance, Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments

Close your previous account(s): If you would like Unitus to take care of this for you, complete the Authorization to Close Account form(s). Mail or deliver the completed form to Unitus and we’ll take care of the transition from your previous financial institution(s).

Set-up Direct Deposit for your new account: Switching your direct deposit(s) is easy when you use our ACH Format Letter. To obtain a copy of this letter please contact a Unitus Member Advocate via phone, in a branch, or through uOnline secure messaging. Learn more about setting up Direct Deposit for other types of checks.

Sign up for our free Online Bill Pay service. Easily pay your bills online from your new account.

Transfer automatic payments to come out of your new account: Use an Automatic Payment Change form for each of your existing automatic payments. Mail or deliver the completed forms to Unitus and we’ll make the necessary arrangements with the payees.

For more detail on these steps, visit our support center.

Need Help?

Call us at 503-227-5571, 1-800-452-0900, or visit your local branch.

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