Security Center

Working together to keep your information protected.

We take the protection of you personal information very seriously. But, with you help together we can protect your accounts even more. Being a proactive user and safeguarding your personal information will help deter criminals looking to get ahold of your data.

IMPORTANT: Unitus will never ask for sensitive information such as your password, PIN or 3-digit security code. If you receive a call, text, or email from someone claiming to represent Unitus requesting this information, please do not respond.

How to Help Manage Your Security

Bank confidently with these security features. Each option is fast and simple to set up, and all help you protect your accounts and data.

Download the Unitus Mobile App

With our mobile app you can do most of the things you’d normally do at a branch or ATM—anytime, anywhere. Plus, it makes setting up your security features a breeze.

Save time and increase security with ID-GO

Id-go for Unitus will use your smartphone’s secure biometrics (Face ID or fingerprint ID) to prove you are who you say you are. When you call us for everyday needs, you won’t need to answer questions or share sensitive data to verify your identity. We’ll already know it’s you.

Set Up Alerts

Stay on top of your account activity by setting up custom alerts. Choose from:

  • Instant spending alerts
  • When your paycheck gets deposited
  • When your balance is getting low or spending limit you set, and more!

Alert setup is easy and can be found right in the Unitus Mobile App.

Security Articles

Read more on the latest scams to look out for and ways you can better protect your personal information.

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