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Unitus Becomes First Portland Credit Union To Earn Gold Certification For Sustainability At Work

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Portland, Ore., May 17, 2018 – Unitus has earned Gold Certification from the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program for reducing waste and improving environmental practices.

They become the first Credit Union in Portland to earn the distinction.

The City of Portland awarded Unitus the certification after they adopted various practices to promote sustainability at their downtown headquarters, including:

  • Providing mass transit reimbursement for employee commutes (a policy that began in 1998)
  • Installing bike lockers to encourage employees to bike to work
  • Adding mixed recycling boxes to every employee’s desk
  • Training “Green Team” members on each floor of the Unitus Plaza to answer questions and lead conservation efforts
  • Publishing a monthly column in the employee newsletter providing tips to help employees conserve

The movement to improve sustainability practices at Unitus has been led by two employees, Blaine Bartholomew, Assistant Vice President of Member Experience at Unitus, and Cathy Jones, Operations Support Officer, in partnership with Genevieve Joplin, Sustainability Advisor with the City of Portland.

Unitus is now featured in the City of Portland’s Green Business Directory.

About the City of Portland’s “Sustainability at Work” Program

Sustainability at Work was formed in 2007 as a solution for businesses who wanted to improve their environmental practices but lacked the expertise.

The program’s services have been informed by national and local research, input from hundreds of Portland businesses and by the technical expertise of our partners.

Since its launch, the program has helped thousands of Portland businesses advance green initiatives in the workplace—from small start-ups and nonprofits to large corporations.

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