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Paying Bills with Credit Cards – Boost Your Bonus Points

You’ve been sure to keep your Platinum Rewards card top of mind when you make purchases (especially at Costco). You regularly check your rewards points balance. You have calculated how many rewards points you will need for your next big gift to yourself or your loved ones – a vacation, a home improvement project, those shoes you have been wanting. But you might still be missing one easy way to earn extra points!

You can easily rack up points for payments you have to make every single month by paying bills with credit cards. Use your Platinum Rewards Visa for your recurring monthly payments!

  • Utilities payments like water, gas and electric
  • Internet and mobile service payments (Comcast, Verizon, etc.)
  • Netflix, Hulu and other monthly streaming accounts

As a bonus tip, if you store your credit cards at certain online retailers like Amazon or Overstock, set your Platinum Rewards Visa as your default card so you can quickly score rewards points when you make purchases. This will come in handy especially during the upcoming holiday gifting season. With those extra points, you can share more gifts with friends and family, or reward yourself for all your generous giving.

Speaking of your rewards, have you been checking your Platinum Visa rewards points balance? If not, it’s easy to check and redeem your credit card points. Log in to uOnline, click Services, then click Unitus Rewards. You will see your points balance in the top right of the screen.

Savings side note: Did you know Visa freely offers special discounts on a wide range of goods and services? Stay up to date with a subscription to the New Yorker at 50% off. Explore New York, LA, San Francisco or Miami with 10% discounts at Use a $200 shipboard spending credit on a Royal Caribbean cruise to free up more money for excursions! While the sales aren’t earth-shattering, they can add up over time and include other strong merchants like Zales, Calvin Klein, Avis, Princess Cruises, Legoland, Lacoste and Lenovo.

Rewards side note: Did you know Visa offers a service allowing you to skip inputting your payment and shipping information for all your online orders? It’s simple, free and works across multiple devices.

Stay posted throughout the year for more promotions where we’ll be giving out bonus rewards points. And remember, you can always use your rewards points to pay down a Unitus loan, get gift cards, airline tickets and plenty more.

(If you don’t have one yet, it is truly one of the best cards in the country and it is easy to apply.)

Posted by: Jacob Schnee

About the author: Jacob joined Unitus Community Credit Union as Marketing Specialist in 2015 after escaping his native New York City and spending a one-year layover in Ann Arbor, MI. His life’s work is to remove the cheese from marketing and advertising and he is thrilled that Unitus shares his passion. When not creating content for conscious consumption he is viewing, playing, or reading and writing about basketball. He has also been known to enjoy meditation, yoga, poetry, hiking, cooking and doing uncanny impressions.

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