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Buying a Home Is Emotional: Avoid Giving Up Your Power In the Heat of the Sale

Brad Goodenough

Imagine someone sits you down and makes this claim: They’ve picked the place you will live for at least the next five years of your life.

Do you think you’d have some strong feelings about that decision?

Now imagine the decision of what home to buy is in your hands. While that does give you great power, it also means you’ll need to:

  • Navigate the home buying process
  • Develop your relationship with your realtor
  • Make special arrangements for your beloved schnoodle mix
  • Explain the move to your kids, if you have any – and on and on.

You’re going to feel strong emotions during the process of buying a home. If it’s your first home, going through the process for the first time can feel five times harder.

Many homebuyers let their emotions get the better of them

One of the most common pain points we see at Unitus Mortgage is when homebuyers get emotionally attached to a property (or two, or three or four) before they fully educate themselves about the home buying process.

Yes, these emotions can serve as powerful motivators. But they can also lead us astray, causing us to ignore important information and make less-informed decisions for our long-term future.

The antidote? Learn before you look!

Educate yourself on the process first, and you’ll be in a better position to make life more joyful for you and your loved ones.

Look out here for another post in the near future that will help school you to the rules of the home buying game. We’ll start with contingencies, which sounds intimidating but really means ways you can protect your money as a homebuyer.

Learn some of the nitty gritty now, and pass with flying colors when it’s time to make this important decision.

In the meantime…

Call one of us at Unitus Mortgage at 503-423-8713. We live to educate our members, making complicated topics approachable.

Our idea is, nothing is as important as our members’ happiness. When you’re better informed, you can make the very best decision for the bright future of you and your family.

About the Author: Brad Goodenough joined Unitus Mortgage in November of 2013. He began as a dedicated mortgage originator and has developed into a results-oriented sales manager focused on maintaining a high level of service and integrity across the Home Loan team.

Throughout his career in financial services he has gained expertise in multiple lending platforms and local housing markets. He owes his success to his first professional priority: to add value to his community by sharing knowledge and always providing honest, reliable information.

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