Buying a Car? Unitus’ New Partnership with Enterprise Can Help You Get a Great Deal

Enterprise Labor Day Deal 2018

Unitus has officially partnered with Enterprise Car Sales to help members searching for a great car at a reasonable price! For those looking to buy soon, they have a generous Labor Day sale coming up which is offering you up to $500 extra for your trade-in.* Find out more below.

Hold on, doesn’t Enterprise rent cars?

Yes, when most people think of Enterprise, their rental service jumps to mind. You might even find yourself reciting their trademark “We’ll pick you up!” slogan at the thought. But Enterprise offers more than car rentals. They have thousands of 1-3 year-old vehicles available to buy. And because they’re selling cars that used to be rentals, chances are good you can find a great car with low milesand excellent maintenance. Plus, you’ll get the same great customer service they’re known for with their rentals.

Okay, but why buy a rental when I can buy preowned from a private buyer or a dealership?

While everyone’s mileage will vary, there are benefits to purchasing a car from a rental company instead of a dealership or a stranger from the internet:

  • Professionally maintained. Rental businesses tend to have strict standards for keeping their cars well-maintained – after all, their business depends on it! You’re likely to get a car not only with good tires, good brakes, and a history of regular oil changes, but one that’s been through a multipoint inspection by a certified technician before the sale.
  • Priced below market. To stay competitive, rental companies need to update their inventory with new models frequently. This means they need to make room for new models, which means they are incentivized to sell cars fairly often. Taken together, that means you have a good chance of getting a recent model year, at a low price, and often with low mileage to boot.
  • Simple, haggle-free process. Some people enjoy haggling and negotiating prices. If you are one of the many who would rather do almost anything else, this benefit speaks for itself. No strings, no hassle, just a straightforward experience to get you in, out, and on with your life.
  • Warranty potential. This will differ depending on the car and model year, but because they’re often more recent models, many former rental cars are likely to sell within their manufacturer’s warranty period, providing you with more peace of mind. As a bonus, Enterprise offers a limited 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty that begins on purchase date. Just check and make sure the powertrain warranty carries over from owner to owner, since some do not.

All that said, buying from a rental company doesn’t guarantee you will get a perfect car. Just like with any used car, it would be wise to do some due diligence before and after purchase:

  • Check the market value of the car before purchasing through sites like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. They’ll help you make sure you’re getting a good deal that’s within budget. Want to keep it simple? You can do this from the Enterprise website. They’ve partnered with Kelley Blue Book to give you the official KBB value of your vehicle right from their site. You can find it here.
  • Get it inspected by a mechanic you trust. No matter how well a car’s repairs have been documented, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting without getting under the hood and seeing for yourself – or having a skilled mechanic take a look. Fortunately, Enterprise Car Sales does offer free CARFAX vehicle history reports on every vehicle they sell.
  • Update your insurance. After you purchase the car, congratulate yourself and celebrate your new life-changing purchase! Soon after that, be sure to add your new car to your insurance and remove your old car if trading in.

How can I take advantage of this new partnership?

Firstly, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new car, Enterprise is helping you with a generous Labor Day offer. Between August 31 – September 3 only, Enterprise will offer you Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Value on your vehicle plus up to $500!*

Start at our Unitus partner page on Enterprise. Browse their catalog and filter your results by mileage, year, make, model, features, fuel economy, color, transmission, and more. Find the one you like best and schedule a test drive. Purchase the car haggle-free, and enjoy your slick new ride!

If you know someone looking for a car, let them know about this offer available to Unitus members! And look out for more member-friendly promotions on the way from Enterprise Car Sales.

For more information or if you have any questions, call 503-227-5571 and we will be glad to help.


Posted By: Jacob Schnee

About the Author: Jacob joined Unitus as Marketing Specialist in March 2015 and transitioned to Marketing Communications Specialist in March 2017.

His experience has spanned hospitality, business development, consulting, and marketing in various industries along the east coast, west coast and in between.

When he is not developing internal and external communications for Unitus, he is engaging in recreational fitness, studying personality types and exploring the outdoors with his wife, dog, and baby.

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